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Vitamin therapy at Dolce Aesthetics medspa in Scottsdale, Arizona, gives you an immediate infusion of vitamins that are specially tailored for your needs. You get vitamin therapy intravenously, so you absorb every drop of the crucial restorative substances right into your bloodstream instead of losing most of them in the digestion process. A wide menu of infusions are available, including anti-aging, energy, hangover recovery, and more. Call the office or click online booking for your vitamin therapy today.

Vitamin Therapy Q & A

What is vitamin therapy?

Vitamin therapy is an intravenous (IV) delivery of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. With IV delivery, you get a large dose that far exceeds what you could take orally. 

Plus, you absorb all of the vitamins and nutrients when taken this way. If you took the supplements orally, you’d only absorb a small fraction of what you need because the digestive process eliminates most of the supplements. 

What can vitamin therapy help with?

Vitamin therapy can help with vitamin deficiency, energy level, illness recovery, appearance, athletic performance, and much more. Dolce Aesthetics medspa has a large menu of Liquivida IV infusions, including: 


The LiquiLift is an all-inclusive treatment that has all the vitamins and minerals in the other vitamin therapy formulas. A LiquiLift can boost brain clarity, revive energy, improve skin and hair, and help you detoxify along with many other benefits. 

Fountain of youth

The fountain of youth formula gives you an infusion of very powerful antioxidants, along with other important anti-aging ingredients. This formula rehydrates your skin, delivers important nutrients, reduces fine lines, and helps you look younger through the whole-body detoxification process.

Natural defense

The natural defense formula gives you a megadose of vitamin C in addition to other nutrients that improve immune system function to help you recover from colds, flu, and other illnesses. It can help you fight illness, recover faster, and maintain peak nervous and cardiovascular system function. 

Chelation therapy

Chelation therapy takes heavy metals out of your blood to improve your health. This type of infusion helps you maintain peak cellular health, reduces your risk for heart problems tied to high calcium levels, and improves overall cardiovascular system function. 


Glutathione is the strongest antioxidant. It significantly slows down the aging process and promotes beautiful healthy skin. This infusion can help in cellular renewal, liver and cellular detoxification, and overall metabolism. Glutathione is a key ingredient in the fountain of youth infusion.

Rise and shine

The rise and shine IV is sometimes called the hangover remedy. It can help you recover from overindulging quickly because it replenishes your electrolytes, rehydrates your body, and ramps up your energy levels. 

Dolce Aesthetics medspa is glad to tailor your treatment for your specific needs, so just let the team know your concerns and goals so they can help. Book your vitamin therapy appointment at Dolce Aesthetics medspa using the online scheduler, or just call the office now.